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A group of tutors from the UK, Spain and Greece were invited to present a conference in Kuwait in the autumn of  2009 and I  guessed we were in for something special as the weekend was not only Samhain/Hallowe’en but there was also the Full Moon.

Twenty years previously Kuwait had been invaded by Iraq and many people fled to Saudi Arabia to safety. The invasion resulted in the Sovereignty of Kuwait (the goddess of the Land) being damaged and one of the reasons for the conference was to try to bring some healing to Kuwait.

On the first day I in Kuwait tried to contact the Sovereignty representative of Kuwait and to try to find the main dragon energy. This was not easy. Eventually a young woman in her 20’s appeared, initially with the full, black clothing we associate with women in some Islamic countries. I sat with her for a while and then her dress changed into something more traditional and akin to Bedouin clothing, but mostly brown in colour. I asked here where her dragon was and she cried, saying she had lost it.

The second session involved my trying to find the dragon. I did eventually, thanks to someone from the UK dragon group who emailed me to say she thought the dragon was buried. It took a while to extricate it, but it was a dark green colour interspersed with others colour – a bit like the crystal labradorite. It was not injured in any way. So with the Sovereignty Representative and the dragon together, the first job was to check the Kuwaiti borders. They were faint to non-existent in places, but with some clearing and focus they gradually became full of light.

At this point I also spoke to a colleague from Scotland who had also travelled out to Kuwait to present at the conference. She had taken her crystal skulls with her and I noticed that the jade skull was the same colour shades as the Kuwaiti dragon. She confirmed that she too works with dragons. On the final day of the conference she did a presentation which involved some drumming. When the drumming beat settled into something I could journey to, I found myself immediately in a large circle of women, two or three deep, around a small campfire. Behind the women were the glowing eyes of dragons. In the centre, on her own, dancing around the fire was the Kuwaiti Sovereignty. It was a very beautiful sight, so timeless and so important.

At the time we thought it would be interesting to see what happened over the next month and then over the next 13 months as something started at a full moon often takes a lunar year to really activate.

Well, a year later I was invited back, with my husband, to Kuwait for a week’s teaching and part of the programme we gave was an evening working with Preseli Bluestone. (Preseli Bluestone has strong links with all dragon energies and is a useful earth healing stone.)

We completed our lesson plan and decided to finish with a meditation. The group decided that the focus would be Kuwait, the country, (interesting given the work we has all done the previous year!). We decided to employ one of the patterns we worked with a few weeks before near Exeter. We had 18 people in Kuwait and moved their chairs into a teardrop shape with an empty chair with a single stone at the narrow end. At the centre of gravity of the teardrop we placed an Earth Protector/Earth Goddess energy card on the floor.

We talked the participants into a relaxed state. We then asked them to put their awareness into the stones they held and then to focus on the card.

The result was spectacular.

Nearly everyone either felt or ‘saw’ a vortex open up going into the earth and light pouring into the Land.
People reported they could feel the ripple effect of the energy. Indeed several said they could still feel it a couple of days after.
Many in the group decided to do regular Land meditations, like this, to continue to help to heal Kuwait. As someone said – Kuwait lost its heart after the Iraqi invasion – which considering that had its roots in British Colonial meddlings in the past, it was appropriate that energy from the UK should help with the healing………

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Episode 3

During my first experience of ‘shakipat’ in the 1970s (see previous blog), I was very aware of a point in the process when I realised that I may have to give up that which was most precious to me, at some point in the future. As a young mother my ‘precious’s’ were my two children. It never occured to me that it would actually happen. Eleven years later, following the break-up of my first marriage, my three children went to live with their Dad. This was mainly because I didn’t want them to grow up in a household short of money. I wanted them to have the school trips, treats and clothes that I never had in my teenage years.

A different ‘price was paid’ in the few weeks following my encounter with the Goddess energy of Maat, but before I left the group. We had another exhibition at a stately home. After a busy day of readings a small group of us were wandering through the grounds in the early evening, following a pathway around a lake. I started to feel very faint and dizzy and fell onto my hands and knees near the edge of the water. As I refocused my eyes I found myself looking at somebody’s ornate golden slippers. I tried to lift my head to see more, but the golden light was too bright. Sudddenly I felt a hand on my head and a pulse of strong energy travelling down my spine. Years of yoga had left the central energy channel of my spine relatively empty and I was conscious of the energy passing through me and out to the other members of the group.

It was all over very quickly.

We tried to talk about it but were too spaced out. I was used to dealing with energy but over the coming weeks it took everything I knew to keep myself together. Clairvoyant friends said I looked like a christmas tree with all its lights on! Having a young family helped. It gave me physical things to do and routines to follow. Gradually I integrated and absorbed the energy. Nevertheless the stress on my physical body was considerable and I lost a lot of weight. My thyroid function has never fully recovered.

The others in the group had emotional crises and minor health problems for a while. One of the group though, was completely unbalanced by the incident and was sectioned (admitted to a mental health facility).

Looking back I recognise this as an encounter with a Lady of the Lake, an aspect of Sovereignty.

It is a salutory reminder of the damage that can be done by incidents like these. I never sought these out and yet they arrived (maybe that is why they arrived!). This lakeside encounter up-ended my life and that of those close to me. Though to some, these events early in my life might seem to be glamorous and exciting, the immediate effects were shattering.

Revisiting the experience now, I can see the logic, the years of preparation and the somewhat scary inevitability of the changes that were created and the work those changes have led me into.

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The question becomes ‘where did it all start?’

As a child I always felt like ‘the odd one out’, the ‘square peg in a round hole’ for a myriad of reasons. Some people found this ‘unusual-ness’ attractive, but most found it irksome. On many occassions I got blamed for what others had done or because I was an easy scape-goat and as a loner there was seldom anyone to stick up for me.

Circumstances in my teenage years did little to help me develop a sense of belonging to my peer group. Trying to balance the personal need for security and conformity with an aptitude for unusual skills and interest in weird topics was a difficult juggling act to pull off. It was almost inevitable that something would have to ‘give way’ at some point. In my mid-20s I took up yoga and qualified as a yoga teacher in 1979. This introduced me to the philosophy of the Himalayas. This also brought my first encounter with Goddess energies through the experience of ‘shakipat’, or descent of grace. This came through links to Siddha Yoga and working as a co-leader of a meditation centre. Life immediately started to change, I started to change.

Fellow students on my yoga teachers’ course introduced me to crystals, colour and astrology. Astrology really caught my interest and I took my studies further to qualify as a teacher with a local group. Study of astrology and subsequently the tarot, introduced me to the Kabbalah, the Hebrew esoteric tradition. The group was quite large with many gifted clairvoyants, mediums and pathworkers. The group leaders planned a collective pathworking (ritual) to link to the energy of the Egyptian goddess Maat *. As a very junior member I had been given a small role. It took me a while to settle myself to doing this small part. I was uneasy as I was out of my comfort zone as a yoga teacher and meditator. In the end I took part for the sake of the group. As far as I was concerned I did ‘my bit’ and not being (at that time) particularly clairvoyant, I hadn’t a clue how things had gone.

The following weekend the group has a stand at a local exhibition and I dutifully attended to do astrology charts. The afternoon before the opening was spent setting the stand up and I noticed there was dissention within the group. I didn’t know why, there was gossip about irregularities with funds, but something else had upset some of the key personnel.

That night as I started to fall asleep, the room got very cold. The rest of the family were fast asleep, but the air was getting colder and colder. Then I saw her – with my physical eyes. Standing at the foot of the bed was Maat! She was not blindfold, she was exceptionally beautiful and stood there in all her finery.

She said to me ‘You know something is not as it should be within the group’.

‘Yes’, I said.

‘Here’, she said, ‘take my sword and use it to cut away what you know needs to be removed.’

I replied that, ‘I can’t as I don’t have the detachment to to use the sword’. (For all I knew there could be lots of other factors that I had no knowledge of, which made it unclear of what action was really needed.)

She smiled.

Then she said ‘The sword is here for you to use when it is needed.’ And then she vanished.

The next day I eventually told someone in the group what had happened. They then told the people in charge. They were furious! ‘How come she came to you?’, ‘She should have come to us!’, ‘You must have done something to make her come to you!’ etc etc….

Oh Boy!

I left the group a few weeks later.

The sword? Do I have it when I need it? Yes.

Have I used it? Yes.

I have used it twice in 30 years. Once to protect a student about 28 years ago and once to protect myself in 2007.

* Maat is the Egyptian Goddess of harmony, justice, and truth represented as a young woman. She signifies the underlying equilibrium of the universe, the passing of the seasons, the movement of the planets and stars, being fair in any dealings with others, honesty and truth.

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A journey to Japan was not on my ‘to do’ list, the subject of travelling there had simply not entered my mind.

Several years ago, therefore finding myself in Tokyo in mid-March left me somewhat bemused and mystified, though pleased to be greeted by the last few days of the cherry blossom.

I woke shorty after dawn, that first morning, courtesy of the time difference, and being in a relaxed state, my awareness shifted easily.

I became aware of a beautiful woman, dressed in traditional Japanese style. I guessed whom she might be from my experience of travelling through Europe, where I had become used to meeting local aspects of the Goddess of the Land, or Sovereignty, as landscapes and named areas and places changed.

I asked if there was anything I could do for her. She gestured that healing was required and immediately a small dragon appeared near her. It was injured and without really knowing what to do, I started to sew flesh and sinew together, followed by some ‘hands-on’ healing. The dragon then swooped off, flying little circles in the air and disappeared.

Later during that first visit to Japan I journeyed to Lake Ashinoko, near Mt Hakone and the dragon shrine Hakone-jinja. The water from the shrine seemed to be very powerful, a water dragon energy. Some of this water was preserved in vodka to help me in the future.

The strange events of this first visit to Japan were kept a secret, however during a subsequent visit, my efforts to continue to hide those events from the notice of failed. On a visit to Mt Fuji there was an unexpected detour to a small shrine on the north side of the mountain. This shrine is known as Fujiyoshida’s Sengen Shrine and is dedicated to the Shinto deity of Mt Fuji – Princess Konohanasakuya. As in previous visits to shrines, I took part in a small ceremony. As the ceremony started I began to look around the main room. To my left I noticed a painting (in itself unusual). I realised this was the woman who had come to me that very first morning in Japan.

I was stunned.

It hit me so hard, I started to cry! I managed to blurt out a question between between sobs ‘ ‘who is that?’ The answer came back – this painting was of Konohansakuya-hime herself.

It started to dawn on me that maybe being in Japan was no accident, no quirk of fate………….

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