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New Year 2013

As some bright spark has already said – “if you are reading this, then you have survived the ‘end of the world’ on the 21st December 2012”. According to more traditional Mayan sources we are entering the time of ‘Pasha’, the phase of brotherhood.
The New Year, January 1st 2013 gives us a flavour of what the beginning of this new phase might be. From a quick look at the astrology chart for the New Year, it seems we will be dealing with continuing financial and social revelations for a while yet which may need some decisive handling and international co-operation at some point.

New Year fireworks
The past 30 years have seen continuous efforts in business and financial institutions to want to see growth and expansion – more money, more power. This is unrealistic and unsustainable in the long-term. Having ‘enough’ is a concept that many individuals are beginning to accept as the only way forward for us all that does not engender over-consumption and greed. It is also a way forward to begin to share global resources properly. Maybe companies and some countries need to learn this too.
Many countries’ constitutions have their ‘birth days’ on the 1st January and the widespread use of this day as such a powerful marker, ties countries all around the globe into similar energy patterns. This is unfortunate. With the natural movement of Pluto reaching the exact Sun placement of the 1st January (10 degrees Capricorn) in the last half of January 2013, we can be sure that more shifts and changes are on their way, big-time. The cleansing and driving force of Pluto will stay with us as a global community until September 2014!
Having survived the two and a half year period of Pluto directly affecting my personal astrology chart (conjunct natal Chiron), I can vouch for the depth of transformation that countries will find themselves in and the changes that will need to be made and the habits that will need to be released, if the governments and businesses want to survive.
The potential for this ‘new start’ is huge, so let’s hope that politicians, financiers and business-people have the courage to run with it!

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To complement my ‘other half’s’ posting earlier today – The Eight Corners of the Year – on his blog (http://simonhlilly.com). Here is an explanation of the energies during the solar cycle.


This diagram shows the energy flow around those 8 times in the year that are celebrated in many communities.

We are now at the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere (20th/21st December). This is one of two times in the year when the Sun ‘stands still’ in relation to the places where the Sun rises and sets, from the Earth’s viewpoint. Many sacred sites are linked into the solstice alignments – Stonehenge and Newgrange being the two most well-known. The summer solstice (northern hemisphere) is the 20th/21st June. As the name ‘sol’/’stice’ suggests, energy ‘stands still’ too, so represent times for consolidation, integration, reflection – any in many cultures – celebration! The solstices occur at the same dates in the southern hemisphere, but the seasons are reversed.

The two equinoxes – spring and autumn (again reversed in the southern hemisphere) – represent times of the year when energy is moving very fast. These times can be used to makes changes – if you can catch the moment – or simply experience the speed of events.

In the northern hemisphere, following the winter solstice – about 6 weeks after – we have Imbolc (2nd February), one of the 4 fire festivals marking the quarter-days of the Celtic calendar. 6 weeks after the spring equinox there is Beltane, following the summer solstice there is Lammas and after the autumn equinox there is Samhain/Hallows Eve.

These quarter days have energies linked to them that can be harnessed by us. the energy flow is not too fast and is not stationary. These quarterdays are therefore often linked to celebrations of achievement, the past or provide easy access to subtle energies.

Happy Solstice!

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This forthcoming Dark (New) Moon on the 13th December is the final marker as we approach the winter solstice.

On this day too, Uranus, the planet representing brotherhood, community, breaking of old patterns and fast communication is stationary in its orbit from the Earth’s viewpoint. Sometime on the 13th  Uranus’ energy changes from representing internalised energies (when retrograde) to outward expression (when direct). Uranus is the last of the outer planets to go into ‘direct mode’ at this time. This would suggest that this is a final release prior to the winter solstice.

The Mayans confirm this time as the end of Macha – the time of selfish-interest and the beginning of Pasha – the time for humanity to pull together.

Events of the last eighteen months or so have highlighted corruption, selfishness and narrow-self-serving practices that marginalise the majority of humankind. This is indeed a chance for mankind to begin to make changes in the world that benefit the majority and not just the select few.

Many people have asked – what should they be doing at this time?

You have everything YOU need within you. You chose to be born to experience this shift so you do not have to DO anything to prepare for it. Your DNA does not need upgrading nor do you need to “ascend”.

You already have what you need.

It is probably true for most of us, that we need to actually realise that we are perfect as we are… ….we are where we should be…….. we are who we should be……..

We simply need to be aware, be awake.

We need to trust that if any changes are needed, they will happen when and where it is appropriate.

Westerman Isles and Surtsey

Iceland – Westerman Isles and Surtsey – new lands ….

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