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We were asked to make a second journey to Japan in September 2012 to teach. It was an intensive programme as we had to squeeze it in between commitments at home, so it was basically 12 full days in Japan, 9 of which were teaching. Our first rest day was a trip out of Tokyo to Yamanashi Prefecture, about 2 hours drive.

We were introduced to Sonehara-san the leader of an NPO programme. Amongst other things the programme is renting disused rice fields from the elderly, clearing them and then teaching people how to plant and harvest rice. The rice fields in question are in the valley overlooked by Mt Mizugaki, also known as the ‘Crystal Mountain’, after findings of quartz crystals in the vicinity. Mt Mizugaki is much favoured by intrepid rock climbers for its sheer faces and remote location.

The road that led us through tunnels, were all specially constructed a few years ago for the Japanese Emperor’s visit to Mt Mizugaki, where he planted trees. (Umm ….methinks….. this really must have special significance for all that effort to go into planting a few trees!)

Right enough the valley felt very ‘alive’ with natural energies and energy beings. You could feel the change as we started to climb up the valley. As I started to tune in I realised that the mountain was the protector of the valley……..no……… Ooops…. there was also a huge dragon on the mountain and THAT protected the valley!

We spent the next hour or so wandering around the trees and looking at the plants. We had to dash for cover as a heavy shower deposited its rain but were rewarded afterwards by a clear view of the mountain top and in the opposite direction a haunting and mystical view of the valley below.

That night I was till disturbed and awake by the shift in time-zone and I found myself thinking about Mizugaki and the dragon.

Then I realised that the dragon’s colour was not right (it has seemed to be the same colour as the rocks). The dragon looked sick. I kept my focus and I realised he was trapped by bindings around his tail.

I spent the next hour debating with myself about the ethics of releasing the dragon:

-should I release the dragon?

-what effect would that have?

-who am I to do this?

-what right do I have to do this?

-why was it done in the first place (who did it)?

….round and round……….

Suddenly my thought processes were interrupted by a clear ‘voice’.

“I am a dragon! Dragon energies need to flow. When energies are stuck, they can’t flow!”

OK – I got it!!

I mentally took myself back to Mt Mizugaki. I focused on the situation and requested help. The place soon filled with all sort of dragons, all colours, all sizes. Working together we eventually freed the trapped dragon. He immediately flew off to the lake near Mt Hakone, which seems to be a good place for dragons to go to get recharged. His colours started to change to those of Amatersu, the Sun Goddess.

A few days later, at the Dark Moon, when the dragon riders of the planet gather to help with Earth Healing, I found myself delayed by the Mizugaki dragon. He was down by the sea, asking me to clean the green mossy stuff of his tail. Using the salt water certainly shifted a lot of the muck, but not all.

The valley below Mt Mizugaki was, from what I was told, a stronghold of a powerful shogun. The mountain nearby was a source of gold. Those facts, together with the mild climate, wild deer, wild hog and clean water would have made the valley an almost self-sustaining place to live. It would not be beyond possibility that the dragon was tied to the valley by a merlin-like person at the command of the shogun, in the mistaken idea that tying it down would ensure it would protect the area. It would have protected it anyway, as it was its home.

Dragons do that!

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