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I was asked for my comments, astrologically, on 2022. I decided to take a world view (UK-only view the last paragraph)

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Ironically because we celebrate the change of the year, worldwide on the 1st January, each New Year has similar patterns. This has been happening since 1582 when the Gregorian calendar was adopted. These fundamental patterns, no matter where you are in the world, the Sun sign is always Capricorn and the Sun’s position is about 10 degrees. The Ascending Sign is always Libra. On a positive note, both of these signs have strong Saturn links, representing order, legality and a need for strong leadership. On the negative side this could become too restrictive, not allowing growth or change, getting extremes in crazy laws and irresponsible leaders.

The energy that does change, year on year, is the Moon sign. The Moon sign in any event chart corresponds to the people – the ‘joe blogs people’, us. The Moon sign on the 2022 New Year is Sagittarius, closely linked with Jupiter. This gives the year a more generous, sharing and expansive flavour than the last two years. In 2020 the Moon was in Aries, which can be very open to new ideas but can also be selfish and self-oriented. The Moon sign in 2021 was Leo, which continues the ‘self’ theme of ‘I am OK’ but does have a warmth that Aries often lacks.

Many people have picked up on the Jupiter connection for 2022, highlighting the openness, artistic and inspirational energies it brings. Opportunities run alongside this, bringing ideas for innovative business start-ups or expansion. However, the flip side is one of continuing confusion and without grounding or boundaries can actually be quite overwhelming and damaging. The power amassed by the political few is unlikely to be let go easily, so we could also experience more scattering and confusing energies as restrictive patterns try to unwind. Jupiter moved into Pisces at the New Year and joins Neptune there, in a direct connection in late March and April, which will bring all this into focus.

So, what is the bottom line in all this?

Starting with Pluto…… what a start point that is!

Pluto was demoted from being an astronomic planet in 2006. Many astrologers saw this as unfortunate, knowing the powerful energy that Pluto reflects. Indeed, Pluto’s entry/ingress into Capricorn at the start of the 2008 coincided with the banking crisis. Basically, things have gone downhill ever since! Ironically there is talk of Pluto being reinstated as a planet!

The reinstatement could not come too soon as Pluto’s energy often highlights areas that are not healthy and that need deep healing and fundamental change. In Capricorn, a sign that is often one of stability, ambition and steady advancement, Pluto upended any system, that was anything but. Societies that are grounded in reality have weathered Pluto well. These have mostly been less patriarchal/ male dominant as women tend to use power in a different way than men. Societies where money and rewards for ‘the boys’, with disregard for families, the poor, sick and disabled are struggling. Societies where there has been care that the whole of group thrives and survives, have been more successful. Covid, has been part of this pattern.  Pluto stays in Capricorn until January 2023, when is starts it slow, erratic departure into Aquarius. I suspect, therefore that many CV based problems, will be with us for at least another year.

Three Pluto cycles back in history was when the Black Death occurred. Two cycles back in 1530 there were a lot of religious changes and one cycle back was the American Revolution.

100 years ago, saw the so-called ‘Spanish ‘flu’ which was an outbreak of H1N1 or swine ‘flu as we know it today. Interestingly swine ‘flu returned in 2008/9 as Pluto moved into Capricorn.

Each of the faster-moving planets reflect how society functions. In New Year 2022 Venus is also in Capricorn, indicating a wary and tentative approach to relationships and a steady but slow progress building creativity. Mars started in Sagittarius (with a nod to Jupiter), bringing openness, adventurous and a willingness to try and learn new skills to broaden knowledge. The downside is that boredom can set in if no progress is obvious…….so movement onto the next topic is quick!  Jupiter in Pisces, we have spoken about and Saturn remains in Aquarius, working as it has done since 2020, towards a fairer and more humanitarian society.

There are four eclipses in 2022, all linked to Taurus or Scorpio

These are:

 30 April, a partial solar eclipse at 10 degrees Taurus, visible in southern parts of south America.

16th May, a total lunar eclipse (moon at 25 degrees Scorpio/Sun at 25 degrees Taurus, visible in the Americas, south and west Europe and Africa

25 Oct, a partial Solar Eclipse at 2 degrees Scorpio, visible in most of Europe, north east Africa and through to India and western China.

8 Nov, a total Lunar eclipse at 15 degrees Scorpio, visible nearly everywhere bar Africa and Europe.

In the New Year chart, these link to finances, values and deep healing.

The Lunar eclipse on the 8th November conjunct (same place) as the planet Uranus. Uranus reflects the energy of the pattern-breaker, the catalyst that creates change. This eclipse could herald a dramatic break from the past for the whole planet. This will also become very personal to anyone with other planetary placements or birthdays around 15 degrees Scorpio/8th November.

Although eclipses move in and 18-year cycle, the last time Uranus and an eclipse that coincided in Taurus was in the 1520/1530s – when Pluto was also in Capricorn! So we have lived through this pattern before.

UK Only Additional Notes:

The UK chart is often taken as 1st January 1801, so fits uncomfortably with the 1st January problems of any year.

2022 – Pluto – creates an ongoing aspect with Saturn in Leo, linked to the superiority stance taken by many in the UK tied in with karmic issues and habits. It covers too, the various laws being brought in to stop any show of disagreement the populace has with the government. Layers of control, one after another trying to ensure those in power stay there.

Uranus – has been sitting on the Mars in the UK birth chart since April 2021 and does not leave until April 2022, bringing to the fore the negative energies (because to date (3/1/2022) the UK has stubbornly refused to change). Hence the toddler-like behaviour from those who represent the UK. The eclipse in November is close enough to this natal Mars to suggest a very difficult time. It is also very close to Prince Charles birthday.

Saturn – reaches the UK Venus placement in Mid February, 2022 – hopefully giving stability to the need to be free of traditions that no longer serve.

Jupiter passes Natal Pluto in the second week of January giving a much needed push to idealism and the need for change but does not fully establish that drive until March 2023.

Winston Churchill is renown for saying” Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” So it is with those in charge of Westminster, repeating patterns of the 1520-30s that led to the Reformation and the split from Rome  – in the drive for Brexit.

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