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This dark/new Moon crystallises an important time for me. For many months now, something has been in the process of ‘becoming’ of being incubated. The threads of a idea that is part of a bigger concept have emerged and I wish to share it with you.

The loss of a dear friend and fellow ‘dragon’ in the last few weeks has focused my efforts to continue to promote the concept of healing the Earth, but in a way that is easy for a large number of people to join in.

For years individuals and groups of people have travelled to different parts of the Earth to help in healing the planet. Sometimes this has been linked to special events, sometimes using specific crystals, chants or rituals. I do this myself with a group called the ‘dragonriders’ every dark/new Moon. None of these efforts have ever been wasted, but I have been led to the idea that more people need to be involved in some way. We need a ‘hundredth monkey’ scenario, when enough people tip the scales towards healing and balance as opposed to the exploitation and abuse of the environment that continues to be part of 21st century living.

When listening to HH Chögyal Namkhai Norbu in London, as I was most recently in September 2011, I was struck by his understanding and acceptance of the urban mindset. Teachers, tutors, mentors, advisors, life-coaches, gurus etc can all urge us to do this or to do that to better ourselves and our lives. Those of us who can motivate ourselves strongly can follow complex instructions and techniques. Those of us who can’t, for whatever reason, need to be encouraged to find what we can do, even if it is minimal.

This was the approach that HH Chögyal Namkhai Norbu took:
– You really need to do this type of practice daily, but if you can’t (for whatever reason) then use this 12 syllable mantra.
– if you can’t (for whatever reason) manage that, then use this 3 syllable mantra.
– if you can’t (for whatever reason) then use the sound ‘Ah’ as everyone can do that , it is a natural sound of exhalation!

So using the same principle applied to linking people to the planet, the ideal set-up would be to use a regular, routine technique – like linking into the planet on the dark/new Moon, or full Moon, celebration day or something similar.
1. If you can’t do that – then once a day, link yourself to 3 points/places/ things in your near surroundings – trees, old buildings, landmarks, sacred places and mindfully join them together with an imaginary thread of light, hold that imagery for a few minutes.
2. If you can’t do that – then once a day, link yourself to at least 3 points/places/special things in the room or building where you are and mindfully join them together with an imaginary thread of light, hold that imagery for a minute.
3. If you can’t do that – then once a day, put your attention into your feet and anchor them into the Earth for 10-20 seconds.

In this way many people can become more aware of the planet and their link to it with the minimum of effort, irrespective of religious or philosophical beliefs .

A step towards a ‘hundredth monkey’ moment maybe?


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To complement my ‘other half’s’ posting earlier today – The Eight Corners of the Year – on his blog (http://simonhlilly.com). Here is an explanation of the energies during the solar cycle.


This diagram shows the energy flow around those 8 times in the year that are celebrated in many communities.

We are now at the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere (20th/21st December). This is one of two times in the year when the Sun ‘stands still’ in relation to the places where the Sun rises and sets, from the Earth’s viewpoint. Many sacred sites are linked into the solstice alignments – Stonehenge and Newgrange being the two most well-known. The summer solstice (northern hemisphere) is the 20th/21st June. As the name ‘sol’/’stice’ suggests, energy ‘stands still’ too, so represent times for consolidation, integration, reflection – any in many cultures – celebration! The solstices occur at the same dates in the southern hemisphere, but the seasons are reversed.

The two equinoxes – spring and autumn (again reversed in the southern hemisphere) – represent times of the year when energy is moving very fast. These times can be used to makes changes – if you can catch the moment – or simply experience the speed of events.

In the northern hemisphere, following the winter solstice – about 6 weeks after – we have Imbolc (2nd February), one of the 4 fire festivals marking the quarter-days of the Celtic calendar. 6 weeks after the spring equinox there is Beltane, following the summer solstice there is Lammas and after the autumn equinox there is Samhain/Hallows Eve.

These quarter days have energies linked to them that can be harnessed by us. the energy flow is not too fast and is not stationary. These quarterdays are therefore often linked to celebrations of achievement, the past or provide easy access to subtle energies.

Happy Solstice!

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An earlier Dragonsmeet post covered the eclipse of 5/6th May 2012. The forthcoming solar eclipse on the 13th November 2012 is the completion of the 2012 series that many have suggested is linked to the Mayan prophesies for this time.

Map of the Pacific showing the path of the eclipse

This eclipse is focused on the southern Pacific arcing from northern Australia, beyond northern Auckland, to its eastern edge, west of La Serena in Chile. This neatly mirrors the arc from 5/6th May, which arched the northern Pacific from Hong Kong via Mount Fuji, Aleutian Islands, Mount Shasta and ending near Texas. Unlike the earlier eclipse, this one is a total eclipse. That is, the shadow of the Moon does fall onto the surface of the Earth.

                                                        Astrology Chart for the time of the eclipse GMT

The energy of this eclipse focuses on deep healing and bringing pain and problems to the surface to be released. The conjunction of the Sun and Moon is close to the North Node of the Moon which emphasises the karmic nature of the change that it possible at this time.

Humanity draws to itself what is needed for its own healing.

Any solar eclipse emphasises the dark/new Moon which itself represents the integration of opposites – past and present; male and female, intellect and emotion; spirituality and the mundane.

Resistance to change is always present, but in the words for the Borg – ‘Resistance is Futile’! With this eclipse in Scorpio, any resistance to change simply delays the inevitable, thereby creating more pain and more suffering.

Other patterns from the astrology show a strong desire to break whatever is stopping progress. There is optimism and courage to move forward into a new start and a fresh chance.

This eclipse is the one that warns of what still needs to be done. It reminds us that whatever our dreams and spiritual desires – we need to put them into practice in our everyday lives so that we can become complete, whole….. so that we are ready!

Mars is also positioned at Galactic Centre (27 Sagittarius), funnelling new ideas and inspiration to filter down into our individual consciousness.

We are not alone.

We are loved.

All is as it should be.

Astrological “Stargate”?

The astrology patterns of this autumn (keeping the science fiction imagery going), shows the methodical activating of the clamps on a sort of “stargate”, something that will create a change of understanding for those who can cope with what they sense, see and feel and who are willing to take a step into the unknown. This eclipse/ Dark Moon is the penultimate shift of energy in the build up towards the solstice.

The activations started with the dark/new Moon of September 2012, when the planet/planetoid Pluto ceased to be in retrograde motion (that is – is going ’direct’), from our point of view.

(In astro-speak,’ retrograde is actually an optical illusion created by the varying orbits of each planet when compared to the Earth. There are differing ideas about how this may affect the energy of that planet. Sometimes it is seen as negative or weakening or diverting energy more inwardly. )

This going ‘direct’ takes the brakes off a planetary energy. So since September 16th, we have been experiencing the energies of Pluto, full on, no-holds barred transformation and change whether we want it or not!

Around this solar eclipse/dark/new Moon, the planet Neptune goes ‘direct’. This gives us the full benefit of all of Neptune’s energies – the inspiration and guidance, illusion and mis-direction.

The final “stargate” clamp is put in place of the next dark/new Moon on the 13th December when Uranus goes ‘direct’. This is the final of the slow-moving, generation planets to be fully released – just a week before the winter solstice. Uranus energies bring the unexpected, sudden  breaking of old patterns, new ideas, fast communication as well as unpredictability and uncertainty.

The dark/new Moon in December in Sagittarius itself indicates rapid expansion outwards with only Pluto in Capricorn’s pragmatism from stopping everything being swept away.  The opening of an astrological “stargate”?

Could it be that the coming dark/new Moon and Solar Eclipse of November 2012 is the 4-week marker, the “get set” prior to the “go” of the winter solstice?

(The 3 outer planets stay ‘direct’ until April 12th 2013, when Pluto goes into retrograde motion once again and the “stargate” closes down.)

Dolerite Peaks on Skye (The Cuillins)

Earth Healing

Those who work at the dark/new Moons to help to heal the Earth, the Dragonriders, are needed more than ever to dissipate energy hot spots and to help ease the energy flow around the world.

If you have access to a piece of dolerite/diabase or Preseli Bluestone or you live in an area where there is a lot of dolerite (New Jersey Palisades on the Hudson; Western & central Scotland; Edinburgh (Arthur’s Seat);  Northern England – Whin Sill; Pembrokeshire, Wales; Deccan in India; Curacao, Venezuela; Western Australian; Karoo South Africa; Tasmania) – please link into it when you meditate on the Earth on the dark/new Moons.

(Remember, though to absorb the stones energy to help heal yourself first, before allowing the energy to expand outwards to the Earth, other people and places.)

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We were asked to make a second journey to Japan in September 2012 to teach. It was an intensive programme as we had to squeeze it in between commitments at home, so it was basically 12 full days in Japan, 9 of which were teaching. Our first rest day was a trip out of Tokyo to Yamanashi Prefecture, about 2 hours drive.

We were introduced to Sonehara-san the leader of an NPO programme. Amongst other things the programme is renting disused rice fields from the elderly, clearing them and then teaching people how to plant and harvest rice. The rice fields in question are in the valley overlooked by Mt Mizugaki, also known as the ‘Crystal Mountain’, after findings of quartz crystals in the vicinity. Mt Mizugaki is much favoured by intrepid rock climbers for its sheer faces and remote location.

The road that led us through tunnels, were all specially constructed a few years ago for the Japanese Emperor’s visit to Mt Mizugaki, where he planted trees. (Umm ….methinks….. this really must have special significance for all that effort to go into planting a few trees!)

Right enough the valley felt very ‘alive’ with natural energies and energy beings. You could feel the change as we started to climb up the valley. As I started to tune in I realised that the mountain was the protector of the valley……..no……… Ooops…. there was also a huge dragon on the mountain and THAT protected the valley!

We spent the next hour or so wandering around the trees and looking at the plants. We had to dash for cover as a heavy shower deposited its rain but were rewarded afterwards by a clear view of the mountain top and in the opposite direction a haunting and mystical view of the valley below.

That night I was till disturbed and awake by the shift in time-zone and I found myself thinking about Mizugaki and the dragon.

Then I realised that the dragon’s colour was not right (it has seemed to be the same colour as the rocks). The dragon looked sick. I kept my focus and I realised he was trapped by bindings around his tail.

I spent the next hour debating with myself about the ethics of releasing the dragon:

-should I release the dragon?

-what effect would that have?

-who am I to do this?

-what right do I have to do this?

-why was it done in the first place (who did it)?

….round and round……….

Suddenly my thought processes were interrupted by a clear ‘voice’.

“I am a dragon! Dragon energies need to flow. When energies are stuck, they can’t flow!”

OK – I got it!!

I mentally took myself back to Mt Mizugaki. I focused on the situation and requested help. The place soon filled with all sort of dragons, all colours, all sizes. Working together we eventually freed the trapped dragon. He immediately flew off to the lake near Mt Hakone, which seems to be a good place for dragons to go to get recharged. His colours started to change to those of Amatersu, the Sun Goddess.

A few days later, at the Dark Moon, when the dragon riders of the planet gather to help with Earth Healing, I found myself delayed by the Mizugaki dragon. He was down by the sea, asking me to clean the green mossy stuff of his tail. Using the salt water certainly shifted a lot of the muck, but not all.

The valley below Mt Mizugaki was, from what I was told, a stronghold of a powerful shogun. The mountain nearby was a source of gold. Those facts, together with the mild climate, wild deer, wild hog and clean water would have made the valley an almost self-sustaining place to live. It would not be beyond possibility that the dragon was tied to the valley by a merlin-like person at the command of the shogun, in the mistaken idea that tying it down would ensure it would protect the area. It would have protected it anyway, as it was its home.

Dragons do that!

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The full moon on the 2nd August 2012 (0329 GMT) coincides with the traditional Celtic festival of Lammas and the Gaelic festival of Lughnasadh.

Lammas day, from sunset on the 1st August until sunset on the 2nd August is often thought of as the first harvest festival of the year in the northern hemisphere as it used to mark the end of the grain harvesting that began at midsummer.

In the Sovereignty Essences (see http://www.greenmanshop.co.uk) this time of year is linked to the Lammas Goddess. In Arthurian legends this is personified by Igraine, Arthur’s mother and similar to the energies of the Virgin Mary, Brighid and other female archetypes who are guardians of tradition and sustain and maintain life.

Light of Lammas by Simon H Lilly

This signature of the Lammas Goddess Essence helps with  the conception, gestation and birth of any project – whether it be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. It activates the transformation of sexual energy into  creativity in all its aspects. It can shed light on the needs in any situation, allowing tasks to be planned  and skills to be managed.  It helps to highlight the underlying flow of communication that links people through generations in, either the same family, the same role or the same tradition, ensuring that a lineage continues.

The astrologiocal chart for this full moon indicates a shift from the fixed patterns of the last few months. With Saturn and Mars both in Libra there is an incesased willingness to fight for what is just and fair. This forceful combination is part of a larger pattern that shows communication on every level is speeding up. (Grand Air Trine: Mars/Saturn in Libra with Moon in Aquarius and Jupiter in Gemini). However there is significant karmic unwillingness on the part of people in leadership positions to let go of their fear (Mercury in Leo, retrograde, quincunx Neptune in Pisces). Conspiracy theories abound (see the video ‘Thrive’ as a good example of the people and corporations who are the real players) and those who have the real power to make big changes are unlikely to act as they wish to stay in control. The continuing backdrop of the consequences of the banking debacle has also reached a point where brave actions are required if we are going to emerge from this situation in the near future.

The full moon itself, from an astronomical viewpoint, happens when the Earth is between the Sun (the future) and the Moon (the past). This could be seen as the the world poised between the past and the future giving us the opportunity to see a way forward. Inspirations and perceptions gathered at any full moon  are best acted upon at the following dark moon when the Sun and Moon occupy the same portion of the sky, bring the archetypal male and female energies together to create something new.

The combination of all this challenges us to reflect on what we bequeath to the future generations. When we find changes are needed, we have two weeks until the 17th August (the next dark moon) to decide what to do and implpement them.

Astrologically, at the moment, the three slowest moving planets (Uranus, Netpune and Pluto) are all perceived as being in ‘retrograde’ motion. This is an optical illusion created by the orbits of each, from the Earth’s point of view. It has been noted over time that when any planet is in ‘retrograde’ the energies as we  perceive them, become internalised. This makes them harder to deal with and can create delays and frustrations.

Pluto stops being retrograde on the 18th September. This coincides with the Dark Moon in Virgo and is likely to mark a big shift both personally and globally. Astrologically, Pluto’s movements have reflected the banking mess, so hopefully the shift will be a positive one! Interestingly Neptune stop being retrograde on the 11th November, just before the lunar eclipse (and Dark Moon in Scorpio) on the 13th November. The following solar eclipse on the 28th is mentioned in previousposts). Uranus stops being retrograde on the 13th December which is also the date of the Dark Moon in Sagittarius………..  Mmmmmm.

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The lunar eclipse of the 4th June 2012, 11.14 GMT is partly visible over part of the USA and Canada and fully visible in Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand. It provides a neat link between the powerful solar eclipses – one in May 2012 that started in Hong Kong and arched through Japan, to Alaska and down to California and the one that will occur on November 13th from Australia, New Zealand to the coast of Chile & Peru, South America.

This lunar eclipse relates also to the solar eclipse of August 1999, which had a ‘Grand Cross’ of Fixed Signs (Leo, Scorpio, Aquarious and Taurus). Planets involved here were Sun and Moon in Leo,  Mars in Scorpio, Uranus in Aquarius and Saturn in Taurus – all between 14 and 18 degrees. Fixed signs, like the name suggests, have qualities of stability and resistance to change. This solar eclipse heralded the beginning of the changes we now see around us.

The lunar eclipse on the 4th June also has a ‘Grand Cross’, but this time all the sign are ‘Mutable’. These signs – Virgo, Sagitarius, Pisces and Gemini all share qualities of flexibility and adaptability. the planets involved are Mars in Virgo, Moon in Sagittarius, Chiron in Pisces and The Sun (and Venus) in Gemini – all between 10 and 16 degrees.

This lunar eclipse lifts the stagnant, hard-to-move energies of 1999, bringing flexibility and abilities to adapt to changing circumstances. A welcome shift after 13 years of frustration and opening windows of hope in people’s minds.

Added to this, is the transit of Venus across the face of the Sun on the 6th June. These combine together to bring new harmony and creative communication. However,  Venus is in its esoteric home, the sign Gemini. This would suggest that harmony will only be forthcoming when diversity is embraced. Trying to hold on to rigid ideas of what should or must be will be fruitless. As said today in the wonderful blog,  ‘heroesnotzombies’ , there are always options, just maybe not the ones we or our political leaders want!

The astrological energies show the continuing need to be vigilant and not to get caught up in the spirals of negative thought and lost hope.

The speed of modern-day communication shows us that truth can be revealed to those wishing to listen and see.

We are as trapped or caught by circumstance as we allow ourselves to be. Change our thinking and we change our world!

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I am writing this on the full Moon on May 5/6th 2012 as we begin the approach to the first of two important solar eclipses in 2012.

This first eclipse is on the dark/new Moon of the 20th May 2012 at 23.53 GMT.

A solar eclipse  occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth.

The full shadow of this particular eclipse does not meet the surface of the Earth and is known as an annular eclipse, but it can, nevertheless, be seen clearly from the Earth.

As with all solar eclipses the energetics show the Moon (the past) creating an opportunity to learn from the past as the past and future (the Sun) ‘meet’ in the present (the Earth). This meeting creates an integration that spurs a move forward into new patterns. This eclipse is in the sign of Gemini, so is linked to thinking processes and new ideas.

The eclipse itself will be seen over the northern half of the Pacific Ocean. It begins in Hong Kong, passes north over Mount Fuji in Japan and on to the Aleutian Islands near Alaska, where is reaches it maximum. It then arcs south to Mount Shasta, finishing in Texas. This arc links two of the most spiritually important mountains of the Pacific Ring, bridging the divide between different traditions and beliefs.

Eclipse May 2012

The impact of the two eclipses this year on the collective conscious and unconscious will depend on how many changes have been made since the powerful eclipse of August 1999.

The pattern of the 1999 eclipse indicated that change would be difficult (Grand Fixed Cross) and indeed, it was only with the banking collapse that we saw any evidence of any real change going on.

This forthcoming eclipse also focuses on the financial centres in the Far East (Honk Kong and Tokyo) and pressurises all those countries whose ‘birthday’ is the 1st January. Pluto at 9 degrees Capricorn sits neatly on their sun-sign! (The UK is one of many of such countries.) More changes for those countries too.

The potential at any dark/new Moon is for the integration of energies into the psyche. For a brief time the male/female (Sun/Moon or Moon/Sun, depending on your beliefs) are in unison from the Earth’s stance. An eclipse intensifies this.

Small groups of people worldwide have been working at these key times to integrate their own energies and those of the planet to heal the multi-level problems in both.

This forthcoming eclipse is an ideal opportunity to do just that. So whatever beliefs you hold, I urge you to focus on and be aware  of yourself and the planet on the 20th/21st May, even if you can’t ‘be there’ at the actual time on the day when the eclipse occurs.

A particular group of people, nick-named the ‘dragon riders’ regularly work for Earth healing at the time of the dark/new Moon. Many perceive the flowing energies of the Universe as ‘dragons’in their various forms and elements. These flows of energy are ancient and are linked to the formation of the planet. The dark/new Moons provide an opportunity to heal the energy flows which have become damaged over time.

There is a ‘dragon rider’ page on FaceBook if you want to keep in touch and be reminded when each dark/new Moon occurs. (Send a friend rqeuest to ‘Jemma’ to be signed in!)

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A group of tutors from the UK, Spain and Greece were invited to present a conference in Kuwait in the autumn of  2009 and I  guessed we were in for something special as the weekend was not only Samhain/Hallowe’en but there was also the Full Moon.

Twenty years previously Kuwait had been invaded by Iraq and many people fled to Saudi Arabia to safety. The invasion resulted in the Sovereignty of Kuwait (the goddess of the Land) being damaged and one of the reasons for the conference was to try to bring some healing to Kuwait.

On the first day I in Kuwait tried to contact the Sovereignty representative of Kuwait and to try to find the main dragon energy. This was not easy. Eventually a young woman in her 20’s appeared, initially with the full, black clothing we associate with women in some Islamic countries. I sat with her for a while and then her dress changed into something more traditional and akin to Bedouin clothing, but mostly brown in colour. I asked here where her dragon was and she cried, saying she had lost it.

The second session involved my trying to find the dragon. I did eventually, thanks to someone from the UK dragon group who emailed me to say she thought the dragon was buried. It took a while to extricate it, but it was a dark green colour interspersed with others colour – a bit like the crystal labradorite. It was not injured in any way. So with the Sovereignty Representative and the dragon together, the first job was to check the Kuwaiti borders. They were faint to non-existent in places, but with some clearing and focus they gradually became full of light.

At this point I also spoke to a colleague from Scotland who had also travelled out to Kuwait to present at the conference. She had taken her crystal skulls with her and I noticed that the jade skull was the same colour shades as the Kuwaiti dragon. She confirmed that she too works with dragons. On the final day of the conference she did a presentation which involved some drumming. When the drumming beat settled into something I could journey to, I found myself immediately in a large circle of women, two or three deep, around a small campfire. Behind the women were the glowing eyes of dragons. In the centre, on her own, dancing around the fire was the Kuwaiti Sovereignty. It was a very beautiful sight, so timeless and so important.

At the time we thought it would be interesting to see what happened over the next month and then over the next 13 months as something started at a full moon often takes a lunar year to really activate.

Well, a year later I was invited back, with my husband, to Kuwait for a week’s teaching and part of the programme we gave was an evening working with Preseli Bluestone. (Preseli Bluestone has strong links with all dragon energies and is a useful earth healing stone.)

We completed our lesson plan and decided to finish with a meditation. The group decided that the focus would be Kuwait, the country, (interesting given the work we has all done the previous year!). We decided to employ one of the patterns we worked with a few weeks before near Exeter. We had 18 people in Kuwait and moved their chairs into a teardrop shape with an empty chair with a single stone at the narrow end. At the centre of gravity of the teardrop we placed an Earth Protector/Earth Goddess energy card on the floor.

We talked the participants into a relaxed state. We then asked them to put their awareness into the stones they held and then to focus on the card.

The result was spectacular.

Nearly everyone either felt or ‘saw’ a vortex open up going into the earth and light pouring into the Land.
People reported they could feel the ripple effect of the energy. Indeed several said they could still feel it a couple of days after.
Many in the group decided to do regular Land meditations, like this, to continue to help to heal Kuwait. As someone said – Kuwait lost its heart after the Iraqi invasion – which considering that had its roots in British Colonial meddlings in the past, it was appropriate that energy from the UK should help with the healing………

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